A new deal for an effective European Research Policy. Von Ugur Muldur (2010). Vergrößern

A new deal for an effective European Research Policy. Von Ugur Muldur (2010).


The Design and Impacts of the 7th Framework Programme. 

Weitere Autoren: Fabienne Corvers, Henri Delanghe, Jim Dratwa, Daniela Heimberger, Brian Sloan, Sandrijn Vanslembrouck. 


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This book is about the design of European research policy. It tells the story of how the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development came to be and looks at its expected impacts. With its detailed analysis of the factors and actors, political constraints and opportunities, societal challenges and expectations shaping research policy, the book provides a peek into what is sometimes perceived as the black box of EU policy making.


This book argues that a New Deal for research in Europe is needed. This New Deal would involve the mobilisation of policy actors across all levels-–regional, national and European-–and their commitment to develop a more effective research system based on actions where they have the greatest impact.

The book presents, from a viewpoint inside the European Commission, the nuts and bolts of how EU research policy is actually designed. It also provides a comprehensive analysis, on the basis of factual evidence, not only of the positive impacts of European research, but of the various criticisms that have been made of the Framework Programme.

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